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It’s not always fun and games to get the perfect shot…..well, I beg to differ and these are just a few that made me chuckle when culling images to edit.

just to see you smile child photographer


This entire session felt like an outtake….it was super fun and I am thankful Mom and Dad played along.

just to see you smile kansas city outtakes


Hysterical that she was making fun of her Dad skipping ;)

just to see you smile family photographer outtakes


I really can’t remember what we were doing here but I love it  <3

just to see you smile child photography outtakes


Maybe if I hide behind my sisters hands this will all be over :)

just to see you smile child photographer outtakes



It’s all for the love of getting that perfect shot!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!   XOXO, Stacy


It’s been entirely too long since my last post, so here I am to give you a share overload!    This is just a snip of my favorites for my most recent maternity and newborn work.  The fact that I have to call this work is laughable because it’s not work at all.  I enjoy capturing these priceless milestones for families.  I would most definitely do it for free if I could.  Please join me by LIKING my facebook page.  I would love the opportunity to work with you or someone you know so please pass this along.  Call to inquire anytime at 561-350-4219.   XOXO
IMG_6321 ek 5x7 horizontonal IMG_6421 ek 5x7 JM8A5735e JM8A6569e 5x7 JM8A6802e JM8A7645 ek bw JM8A7665 bw JM8A7665 ek JM8A7755 ek 5x7 JM8A8001 ek vignette bw JM8A8094 ek JM8A8108 ek JM8A8344 ek JM8A8366 ek JM8A8397e 5x7 JM8A8435e 5x7 JM8A8457 ek 5x7 JM8A8725e 8x10 JM8A8750e 5x7 JM8A8766 ek bw 8x10 JM8A8794 ek JM8A8817 ek JM8A8819 ek bw JM8A8907e 5x7 vert JM8A8928e 5x7

Hawaiian - Israel Kamakawiwo ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World .mp3
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