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Well, here they are!   Their first day of a new school year and it’s so bittersweet.  We only have “graders” in our house, which makes them and us way too grown up!  We had a great summer (although very trying at times…) with a trip to Kansas, Oklahoma, Orlando, Lakeland, Tallahasseee, and St. Augustine.    I thought it would be much easier to keep them home part of the summer, but all it proved to me is that I am a cranky mom when I have the girls here while I am trying to focus on work too.    Although we did have a lot of fun once we got to our destinations… I think school definitely started just in time.   But now the house is quiet, and it seems that I should have just sat back and enjoyed it a little more. :(     We are excited to see what the new year brings.  We hope everyone had a great summer and hope an even better start to the new school year!     Stacy

Get ready Mrs. Gemmer, here Abby comes!  Always in full force :)

I hope Mrs. Ish can have some patience with my chatterbox Hanna……always a social butterfly and at this age – WHOA

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