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It’s really hard to believe that  nine years ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…..She really is the sweetest little thing with a big kind heart.  She is smart as a whip and we are VERY proud of her.  This year we were able to surprise her with tickets to a concert with one of her favorite artists….Taylor Swift.  It worked out since the concert is next week!  Trying to think of something to go along with that without spoiling the secret that we have all kept from her since last October, we invited a few friends over and did Mini Rock-N-Roll Makeovers and photo shoot.  All the moms were on board  knowing that they would be picking up their darling little angels all ROCKED OUT in make up and hair paint.  The girls had a blast and it was really fun watching Hanna have so much fun with her friends…..there was a little drama that gives us a glimpse of what will indefinitely come in the years that are ahead, but for the moment, it was fun to allow her to let loose and do some things that we wouldn’t normally do.     TAYLOR SWIFT here we come!    Happy 9th Birthday Hanna!!!  We LOVE you!!!!

Here is the before!

Here is the after

And the reason we have to be scared :

This is a project that I have been thinking about since January of 2009!  I finally put it into play in August of 09, but with all kinds of things constantly on my to do  list, this project ALWAYS got put on the back burner…  I am so excited to announce that I finally have a website dedicated to EVENTS!

With the launch of the new site – there is a VERY special offer I want to extend to ANYONE who can REFER an EVENT that books with me before the end of 2010!  ALL you have to do is refer friends, family,co-workers, neighbors (you get the idea) to my new site – they have to fill out the contact information from the site and put YOU as the referral in the notes.  Once they pay their deposit to book their event, I will give YOU a $50 cash credit OR a $100 PRINT CREDIT toward your next session!!!!   This offer is only valid until March 31st!!!!!  Regular referral credit will always apply thereafter 🙂

Grab a drink, sit back and relax and enjoy the new site!



Hello all!  I hope everyone is enjoying their Superbowl Sunday with their family and friends!!!  Be safe out there!  I just had a GREAT weekend with my assistant who moved last August.  It has been wonderful to keep her on board with the move…..but it has been sad having her soooo far away!   We met up in Orlando on Friday and had two days to catch up….shopping, eating, drinking, movies, a piano bar….need I say more???    I managed to twist her arm to take some headshots so everyone can finally put a face to her name!  She has worked with me for two and a half years, so many of you already “know” her.   She is AWESOME and I just love having her working with me through this journey.

We had alot of fun doing these, and there are more to come.  She was a huge sport to put up with me practicing with window light in our home for the  weekend and we were FREEZING when we went outside!!!  Thank you to Kristin for ALL that you do!!!!!  I APPRECIATE YOU and THANK YOU for such a fun weekend away!    I already look forward to getting our kids together in June!


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