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Do you have a professional headshot?  Do you have Linked In, Facebook, Instagram?  Do you have a job that requires you to meet with clients? Are you a board member or part of a networking group?  Do you volunteer?  ALL of these are obvious reasons to have a professional headshot.  In this post I want to dig a little deeper.

Here are the top three reasons why you need to have a headshot created by a professional:

  1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS are vital in today’s digital world and you only have a second to capture someone’s attention.
  2. Conveys PROFESSIONALISM.   It’s important that you put your best foot forward and present yourself as a true professional with a current headshot that represents who you are today.   A selfie or standing up against a plain wall and letting someone snap some pictures of you with your phone isn’t going to do the trick 🙂
  3. It measures SUCCESS!   Most important!  If you show your potential clients that you are willing to invest in YOU, they will be more apt to gain your trust and it shows them that you have the means to invest in them!  People want to surround themselves with successful people.

So what’s next?  Call me at 561-350-4219 for a free consultation or set up an appointment.   It’s my job to create an image that fits your style, brand and personality!  I want to make you look like your best you!   My studio is in Boynton Beach but I would be glad to book in your place of business too.

Meet my friend Joelle –  Independent Personal Stylist for men’s clothing with J. Hilburn  –






Calling all business professionals! (and anyone who uses social media for networking)  I can’t tell you enough how important it is to present yourself with a professional headshot.  Showing your clients that you are willing to invest in yourself will help them trust what you have to say as a business professional.  More importantly, it might get you the appointment!  If you haven’t updated your  business headshot in the last 2 years (or ten!) now is the time!  Please call me for a FREE consultation to talk about the branding of your business so that we can get you a quality professional headshot to  put your best foot forward!  Here is a recent example I did for Family Homes by Design located in Boca Raton (    Good luck and wish you all a prosperous new year!




Hello all!  I hope everyone is enjoying their Superbowl Sunday with their family and friends!!!  Be safe out there!  I just had a GREAT weekend with my assistant who moved last August.  It has been wonderful to keep her on board with the move…..but it has been sad having her soooo far away!   We met up in Orlando on Friday and had two days to catch up….shopping, eating, drinking, movies, a piano bar….need I say more???    I managed to twist her arm to take some headshots so everyone can finally put a face to her name!  She has worked with me for two and a half years, so many of you already “know” her.   She is AWESOME and I just love having her working with me through this journey.

We had alot of fun doing these, and there are more to come.  She was a huge sport to put up with me practicing with window light in our home for the  weekend and we were FREEZING when we went outside!!!  Thank you to Kristin for ALL that you do!!!!!  I APPRECIATE YOU and THANK YOU for such a fun weekend away!    I already look forward to getting our kids together in June!


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