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FINALLY!!!  My BLOG admin. panel has been restored!  After almost a year of NON Blogging….We are BACK!   Exciting news over the last year.  Catching you up really quick and then we can move forward to the fun stuff 🙂  Since our last post we have teamed up with 3D Baby Bump and been able to showcase our work in their brand new office in West Palm Beach.  This husband and wife team are incredibly gracious people so I hope that you consider them for the FIRST PHOTOS  of your baby on the way!   You can find them here :   We appreciate their business and referrals!

We have also opened up a BOUDOIR division.  Stacy has always photographed these sessions in studio based on referral for this intimate session, but now we want to make everyone aware and openly offer these sessions.  Besides, our new division name fits.  Just to see HIM Smile 🙂  If you have been considering this type of session for your sweetheart, please call us for details.  These sessions are priced as our regularly priced sessions for now, but will likely go up once we have our portfolio in place.   These sessions require much time in planning and shooting as well as offer a variety of specialty gifts such as a “little black book” for your guy, so take advantage of these portfolio building prices!!!

We hope this brings you all health and happiness –


Stacy and Kristin 🙂

My spunky, fiesty, sweet, funny little girl is already seven years old.  I really can’t believe it!  We decided to celebrate at Animal Kingdom this year and unfortunately my birthday girl spent our first night getting sick for about 5 hours….I felt so terrible for her.  Luckily, in true Abigail fashion, she bounced back the next morning and we were still able to enjoy our day at the theme park.  She loved the shows and the rides.  She especially loved that a lot of the Disney staff wished her a happy birthday as they walked by and saw her birthday button.  I really love that they make these kids feel so special!    She’s a real trooper and I am so thankful it didn’t ruin our weekend.   We also got to see our nephew Jonas at Animal Kingdom too….also celebrating his birthday.   With all of that, she managed to get a blister on her lip, so I am sad to say that I am going to have to shoot her birthday portraits some other day.   But I will be back to share them because I want all of you to see just how big my little baby has gotten this year…..All the love and happiest wishes to My Little Miss Abigail!  Happy 7th Birthday Sweetie!

I really am getting choked up just thinking about this post….Why does LIFE have to fly by so fast?  Where have the last 11 years gone and where did my itty bitty baby girl go?  So incredibly proud of her!   I am sure we all could go on and on about the things that make us most proud about our children, but I want to zoom in on just a couple things not to bore you all to death 🙂  This school year, Hanna has really “grown up” in so many ways.  She is the most determined little thing I have ever known (there is a BIG difference between determined and stubborn…she is NOT stubborn…that is her little sister Abby!)  She was really excited and gracious that we found her an instrument within just a day or so to have in time for her first band class and she told us about a week into it that she didn’t like the flute. (borrowed from a very generous client!)  She didn’t like it because it’s likely one of the hardest to learn out to play.  But she stuck with it because she IS really a good kid…and she rolls with the punches.  Well….her Uncle Matt came up with a clarinet that didn’t cost anything.   After a tune up, it was good to go.  Hanna’s teacher told her that she could switch if she could learn how to play it.  During Christmas vacation, she brought that thing everywhere and she taught herself how to play it.  Just this past week, her band teacher allowed her to switch when the year is almost over!   She also is teaching herself to play a keyboard that she got for Christmas about 3 years ago….I can’t believe I actually hear songs being played when she turns it on!  Incredibly….she has also been taught to play the guitar recently.   She was given lessons for Christmas and she is finally eager to learn how to play an instrument that SHE BOUGHT with her birthday money about 4 years ago!  Did I already mentioned DETERMINED!  One last little story so I don’t lose you 🙂  When Hanna was about 5 we re-decorated her room w/ a horse theme with a mural and all because she was REALLY into horses at the time.  Just this past year, SHE insisted that we change her room yet again to make it a little more grown up…..I about cried when we had to paint over the mural.   When we moved into this house about 8 years ago, she was exited that we lived on the lake because she thought we could own a horse here!    Well…..she now has that dream once again.  BUT, now that she is internet savvy, she has managed to compile a very detailed analysis about what it’s going to take to be able to afford a horse.  She is on a mission to earn 50K and she is now determined that the horse will live with Grandpa Dick and Grandma B on their 70+ acres in Western Kansas!    She is absolutely, positively, the most determined, smart,sweet, funny, soft hearted, beautiful  little girl I know.  She is our Hanna girl, and she is 11 years old today.    I believe she will own a horse someday….she is likely to own a ranch that has a music studio in it 🙂   We love you sweetie…..these beautiful images were taken by Jennifer Weiss Photography only about a week ago.  Be sure to scroll down b/c somehow my favorites got to the bottom!  XOXO


I have had the pleasure of working with this family for several years now and I love being able to see this young man grow up before me….Mom wanted some images for his save the date cards for his big celebration in June….can’t wait to see what she comes up with!  Don’t let these precious milestones go by without documenting each step of the way……CALL ME to talk about your special event!  561.350.4219

Change is GOOD!

July 23, 2011

I can’t believe it has been over two months since my last blog post……Facebook has really been the reason, I can’t lie 🙂

I wanted to announce some very exciting changes if you don’t follow me on Facebook.  I am in the middle of creating a brand new PORTRAIT website!  I am thrilled to finally find the time to do this.  It is going to ROCK and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

With this, it was time to also make some changes to our pricing structure.    I have really been fighting with myself about this, but the increases in cost of doing business over the last 3 years has really forced me to finally make the move.  It only made sense to do this along with the launch of the new website.

I hope everyone is having a great summer!  If you can believe – my weekends for holiday sessions are already starting to book!  If you are considering an outdoor session from September to November and you need a weekend, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible.

THANKS to everyone for your continued support!!


What fun it was working with this family.  Olivia and her friends were not wasting any time on the dance floor and her unique candle lighting ceremony touched everyone in the room.  Thank you “I” family for inviting me to document your Bat Mitzvah.  What an incredible time in Olivia’s life.  All the best to you and thank you so much for being so patient during my holiday rush.  I hope you enjoy this sneak peek until I can get you the rest!  Sincerely,  Stacy

So Stinkin’ Cute

September 10, 2010

This little cutie was doing all kinds of tricks for me today in studio….I had to share b/c she is the niece of the bride that I just posted on the blog from an August wedding.   Absolutely love the determination  🙂

Hard to believe that our summer has come and went.  I have yet to post images from our awesome RV “Griswald” vacation that we returned from just about 10 days ago.  It all just happened in a blink of an eye.   New shoes, uniforms, supplies, backpacks and haircuts….  My little baby is off and running to her first day of kindergarten this morning…I am so thrilled that she is so excited!  There were a few moms that had little ones clinging to their sides, and my two were off and running without hardly a “goodbye”.    Hanna had no hesitation in starting her first day of fourth grade at a new school this year.  This re-affirms our decision to send them to Lake Worth Christian.  (  So they were off…..sniff, ,sniff.

School is OUT!

June 2, 2010

Every year I do this quirky thing…..first day of school and last day of school, so I can get a sense of how much the girls have grown over just one school year.  It is amazing to me how little they look the first day and how big they look the last day!  Here is Abby’s for Pre-K this year, she got out last Friday, May 28.    No more pre anything – she is ready for the big leagues!  Watch out Kindergarten – here she comes!!!!   ps.  usually the shoes are old and ratty by the end of the year.  Abby outgrew her tennis shoes so she got a new pair for summer!  I am pretty sure she was the only kid in class with brand new tennis shoes the last day of school….LOL.  Her report card shows that Abby weighed 39 lbs and was 3’9″ at the beginning of the year.  She was 43lbs. and 3’11” at the end of the year.  WOW.  Oh – and notice how she needed “builda”, the bear, the first day and by the end she thought only “babies carry snugglies”.

Here’s Hanna!  A huge change over the year for her too….alot more grown up going into the 4th grade and she is much more in tune to how she looks and dresses before she leaves the house.  I am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing  🙂   She insisted on letting her hair grow back out after donating it last August (just before school).   We are extremely proud of her for doing so well on her first year of the FCAT.  She was so excited about bringing home the 4th grade math book that she has carried it with her almost every where we have gone for the last week!

All the kids were SO adorable in their caps and gowns and I have more pics I want to post, but I had to share just one for now.   We are so proud of her.  The teachers took the time to put together a video montage of the year to music and we will get a copy next week, it completely brings tears to your eyes…

psst…by the way, this is ONE of the many reasons to shoot RAW….my flash did not go off in this shot and I was SO bummed when I finally looked thru the images.  The image before this was fine for light, but it was out of focus.  Had I not shot RAW for this image, it would have been tossed.  Thank you CANON for making such amazing tools to help me capture these wonderful moments.

Hawaiian - Israel Kamakawiwo ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World .mp3
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